Saturday, 22 June 2013

Moving On

I wrote this peace when leaving a place I once lived. I moved to Swindon, Wiltshire, in the UK in July 1999. I moved there for a job and moved into a shared house just outside the town centre. It was a sunny day and I eagerly was awaiting a new chapter in my life, in a new place and meeting new people and challenges.
For many years I loved Swindon, its people and the things to do and see there. Over time however the town changed and it became over populated. Once home to many railway engineers, once the biggest new town growing town in Europe economically speaking had become full of people, big chain shops and lost a lot of its history.
With the bank crisis and recession in 2008 a lot of the big shops shut down and a lot of the big companies in the town left and unemployment rose. I remained in work however my personal life took a dramatic change for the worse. I lost a lot of friends. My love for Swindon went lower than ever and decided I would not be truly happy until I left. I left Swindon in June 2012 and do not miss it in the slightest.
I wish I could be more positive however even now, a year later, I struggle to find anything positive about the place. This however is only my opinion and is in no means factual. This is purely a self-indulgent peace expressing my strong opinion about a part of the world I dislike.
I wrote this piece, not to offend people from there and not to discourage people from going there but just to write about some of the things I experienced there, which I no longer wanted to have in my life …
The toilets in Farringdon Park,
The queues outside Primark.
Fat arse, short legs to aspire,
A night out to Destiny and Desire.
Smoking a fag while mending the gas,
Fantastic hen dos at Burger King.
Teenagers with prams, dogs and a frown,
Tourist information directs you out of town.
Get granny some fake tan for a treat,
You can see moss on the Dome-busters seat.
Old town museum had a crocodile and a map,
Coate Water has a diving board covered in bird crap.
Christmas tree in the middle of the magic roundabout,
Why do all the people seem to shout?

Be warned this is only what I believe,
I think I really need to leave!

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