Saturday, 31 December 2011

About me ...

Last night I did not sleep well because I was thinking. I was thinking that I should really say some bits about me before I start blogging. So those who know little about me can decide if they want read my blog.

In further blogs I will look to explain (in greater depth), some of my character traits and views. I will also include some pictures. I would like to think my blog will consist of thoughts and feelings, opinions and stories to warm and (hopefully) rescue the sole.

I hope my blog will be a guide to help lost individuals find themselves and know they are not as odd as they my think they are. So this is me ...

Full Name: Timothy David Skinner
Sex: Male
Age: Would not be able to go on an 18-30’s holiday! Would not want to anyway!
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual but can be a bit girly!
Star Sign: Libra – Suits me well as think I am relatively balanced.
Eye Colour: Blue
Shoe Size: 10 (British)
Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
Favourite Colour: It is not red and not yellow (both of which are ok), but somewhere in between.

Religious Views: Not sure, but there is a place for church, but do not like to be made to feel guilty.
Political Views: A lot of them seem the same but it is a tough job for anyone.
Royal Views: I love the queen and think she does a good job for the country. I also love Ant and Dec!

Pets: One pet penguin who has a facebook page and my girlfriend has cuddly toys that talk to me.

Hand writes with: Left
Foot kicks ball with: Right

Famous People I like: David Beckham, David Hasselhoff, Chesney Hawkes, Rubins Barrichello, Michael Jackson, Peter Falk, Michael Crichton, Ant and Dec!
Famous People I don’t like: Anyone from big brother, Paris Hilton, Elvis and TOWIE.
Foods I like: Curry, Pizza, Toast, Hash Browns, Bacon and Digestive biscuits.
Foods I don’t like: Marmite (Devil Excrement)!
How do I take my tea: In a mug with no sugar and splash of milk.
How do I take my coffee: Same as with tea.

Skills: Juggling, Sewing, Writing, Reading, Arithmetic and Speak a bit of French.
Non Skills: Dyslexic, Cutting out stuff and Riding a horse.

Sports I like: Football, Rugby Union and Formula One mainly.
Sports I don’t like: Running (why not catch a bus)? Cricket and Physical Education at school.

Bad habits: Biting my nails and Picking my spots.

Pet hates: Sniffing, Eating with mouth open, Littering and Swearing loudly.

Places I have lived: Romford in Essex, Knutsford in Cheshire, Bristol and Swindon in Wiltshire.
Places I have been: Ireland, America, Tunisia, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Crete, Fuerteventura and The Balearic Islands.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about me... just ask!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

My New Years Resolution

For 2012 I have decided to set up a blog page. I thought I would make it one of my New Years resolutions. This along with other ones I have thought of to date:
1. Drink more port.
2. Make less random statements on Facebook.
3. Stop biting my finger nails.
4. Get physically fit.
(The last two I have had for the last 3 or so years!)

I thought I would blog this for several reasons:
1. It gets ideas out of my head and on to screen.
2. It is a good opportunity to rant if I so require.
3. It seems like a popular pass time.
4. It gives my random ideas an arena to be aired.

Now I thought of some pros and cons of starting to blog:
1. It will help me sleep.
2. It will stop my mind doing overtime.
3. It stops my girlfriend beading for a bit and gives her something different to read.
4. It may help some people think they are not the only ones in the world that think like me.

1. No one will read it.
2. I'll get bored and go back to writing random face book comments.
3. I'll get so into it I will not have any time for my girlfriend.
4. I'll run out of things to say.

I have written a list of things I am going to blog about but this is my first one to get started and have a mess around with the settings so here we go ... 

Oh by the way Happy New Year!!!