Saturday, 31 December 2011

About me ...

Last night I did not sleep well because I was thinking. I was thinking that I should really say some bits about me before I start blogging. So those who know little about me can decide if they want read my blog.

In further blogs I will look to explain (in greater depth), some of my character traits and views. I will also include some pictures. I would like to think my blog will consist of thoughts and feelings, opinions and stories to warm and (hopefully) rescue the sole.

I hope my blog will be a guide to help lost individuals find themselves and know they are not as odd as they my think they are. So this is me ...

Full Name: Timothy David Skinner
Sex: Male
Age: Would not be able to go on an 18-30’s holiday! Would not want to anyway!
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual but can be a bit girly!
Star Sign: Libra – Suits me well as think I am relatively balanced.
Eye Colour: Blue
Shoe Size: 10 (British)
Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
Favourite Colour: It is not red and not yellow (both of which are ok), but somewhere in between.

Religious Views: Not sure, but there is a place for church, but do not like to be made to feel guilty.
Political Views: A lot of them seem the same but it is a tough job for anyone.
Royal Views: I love the queen and think she does a good job for the country. I also love Ant and Dec!

Pets: One pet penguin who has a facebook page and my girlfriend has cuddly toys that talk to me.

Hand writes with: Left
Foot kicks ball with: Right

Famous People I like: David Beckham, David Hasselhoff, Chesney Hawkes, Rubins Barrichello, Michael Jackson, Peter Falk, Michael Crichton, Ant and Dec!
Famous People I don’t like: Anyone from big brother, Paris Hilton, Elvis and TOWIE.
Foods I like: Curry, Pizza, Toast, Hash Browns, Bacon and Digestive biscuits.
Foods I don’t like: Marmite (Devil Excrement)!
How do I take my tea: In a mug with no sugar and splash of milk.
How do I take my coffee: Same as with tea.

Skills: Juggling, Sewing, Writing, Reading, Arithmetic and Speak a bit of French.
Non Skills: Dyslexic, Cutting out stuff and Riding a horse.

Sports I like: Football, Rugby Union and Formula One mainly.
Sports I don’t like: Running (why not catch a bus)? Cricket and Physical Education at school.

Bad habits: Biting my nails and Picking my spots.

Pet hates: Sniffing, Eating with mouth open, Littering and Swearing loudly.

Places I have lived: Romford in Essex, Knutsford in Cheshire, Bristol and Swindon in Wiltshire.
Places I have been: Ireland, America, Tunisia, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Crete, Fuerteventura and The Balearic Islands.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about me... just ask!!

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