Friday, 27 January 2012

Fame - I Want to Live Forever!

I do not aspire to be famous. I do not aspire to be rich. I aspire to be happy and for my friends and family to be healthy and happy.  I have been thinking a bit today about my life, and if it would be different if I was famous or rich and famous?

As a small child I want everyone to know my name and to have my name in lights, but I never knew for what.  I still don’t!  I maybe wanted to be a dancer like Michael Jackson or a top business man like Richard Branson.  None of these have come off so far!  I read a lot of biographies and auto-biographies of famous people.  I am always interested to know how they got to where they are, and what experiences they have had to get there.  A lot of them are normal everyday people like me!

In life, mainly in work people always ask me: What have you achieved?  What do you want to achieve?  Where do you see yourself in five years?  The simply answer for me now is to be healthy and to be happy.  As a child and even now I look at so called celebrities and feel sorry for them.  I am interested in them and their lives, but I am also interested in everyday people and their lives too.  I am always interested in what motivates people to do different things.
Today I have been questioning a bit about if I was famous and in the papers, would I be popular, would they big me up and then drop me down?  Andy Warhol once said:

“Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, I’m not sure I like that, or really want to be but if I was, what would people make of me?  Would people get my brand of humour?  Would people like me or think me quite odd?  I guess a lot of people think this and that is why they go on things like “Big Brother”!  I would never do that for fear of my strange life catching up with me and people from the past making money from selling stories about me!

If people took me for now and ignored the past what would they think?  However I do not believe that can realistically be achieved because as Nerina Pallot says in her song The Long Tall Grass of Summer: “No we can't go back, 'Cause we can't be sure that we'd get here”.  I had not heard this song until it was introduced to me by my girlfriend.  It summed up a mood and feeling I had at the time.  I tried to get a general feeling of what people made of my thoughts.  I tried asking people what they thought the newspapers would say but did not get any responses.  I guess they did not want to upset me, or just really had not judged me that closely, or know me that well!

I guess if I am not going to be famous (and do not particularly want to be famous) then it will be a un-answered question.  I guess I will have to comfort myself in the knowledge that I just want to be healthy and happy and that I hope my friends and family like me and not analyse too much about what others think or the general public may think as a whole!  Anyway carry on …

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